Unclogging Your Emotional Toilet! Eww…

unclog your emotional toilet

Okay. This sounds super gross. Unclogging a toilet? Really? But its actually a beautiful analogy. When the toilet (the loo) gets plugged, its usually because it physically can’t move the waste it contains, right? Well, same goes for you and your emotions.

Think for a moment about how you feel when you are heavy with emotions which you are holding onto and no longer serve you? You probably either feel angry, frustrated, stressed or completely weighed down (plugged up) and depressed, right? The bad news is a clogged toilet can overspill onto everything, creating a super mess you don’t really want to clean up! Its smelly and disgusting! The great news is your emotional toilet doesn’t need to stay clogged! So here’s the way to plunge through some of the gunk you are holding onto emotionally.

First, admit you are stuck. We ALL get stuck. Everyone from the President to Mother Teresa has probably been stuck at least once or twice in his/her life. We are human. S*%t happens–no pun intended 😉 Life comes at us from many directions, we feel stressed and we begin to withhold expressing some of the negative emotions we feel due to the circumstances/events. You are NOT alone in the emotionally clogged toilet world! (A silly Tweetable!)

Next, find a very comfortable place to let your negativity out..without hurting or harming someone else. Some ideas:

1. Talk to close friends, family, a counselor or someone you trust, express what you are going through to them.

2. Talk to yourself, out loud, in a secure place (apart from others) and yell/shout if you have to.

3. Shed some tears..tears are a wonderfully natural release of tension and stress.

4. Take a walk in nature…yep, nature has a mystical way of helping us heal.

5. Consider some deep inner work on trying to help yourself understand why you FEEL the way you do and how you can transform the toxicity of what you feel into emotions which will nourish you and your purpose.

6. Forgive yourself and be patient with yourself–time does heal us, but you MUST be patient.

7. Understand that you are human and with human-ness, you will experience anger, sadness, frustration and more in your life. Even the wisest gurus know that these emotions can play havoc with all of us. You need to learn how to express them, process them and move beyond them.

8. Connect with others who have been through similar circumstances which evoked similar emotions–but NOT to create a pity party–purpose here is to empower each other to move beyond the negative emotions and experiences which have caused them.

9. Connect with positive people who can empower you. Positivity breeds positivity. Once you release the toxic waste, your body will be open to receiving much pleasure, happiness and a new joie de vie!

10. Be grateful for everything you have been through. This is a tough one! But it will actually help you heal and become ever stronger than you can ever imagine. Thank God/universe that you have recognized how your emotionally clogged toilet has drained you and now you realize it no longer serves you. Time to clean the emotional toilet. Time to move on..

 So, no one loves cleaning a toilet. But your emotional toilet is one you need to clean for yourself. Truly. You may get some help, but ultimately, its up to you. And the benefits are aaahhhhmazing:

 You have a fresh start

You feel cleaner, healthier

You feel Empowered

You feel more Confident

Nothing can hold you back

You feel a lightness of being

You are ready to live life passionately!

So there you have it: Clean toilet. Clean you. Fresh start. Feeling great again! Ahhh…stay UNclogged!

Keep Living Life Passionately!





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