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Discover Me & My Why

I often get asked:

"Pam, what made you create" You have a unique background... from engineering school to getting your MBA at the University of Michigan and have worked primarily for employers in both small and larger privately held business... why the change in direction to becoming an entrepreneur in the health and well-being industry?

My answers to the "why":

First and foremost, I LOVE creating positive change and growing things. The entrepreneurial bug bit me when I was about 10 years old and hosted neighborhood kid shows (which I orchestrated) to raise money for animal shelters. My mom relentlessly tells me how I was self driven and persevering at a very young age..and so it goes....

I created because I have a relentless desire to inspire others to optimize their health through balancing their lifestyle, practicing their life purpose and shifting their perspective (widening their lens) to create a positive narrative around their challenges and life events which may sometimes cause them to be "stuck".

I created because I have learned that there is more to true vibrant health than nutritious eating and exercising. For the past ten years I have studied many aspects and philosophies of health and wellbeing, with a special focus on natural and holistic health. I have completed extensive coursework (at the Chopra Center in San Diego) on Ayurveda—a 5,000 year old Hindu system of holistic health and healing. My other areas of study include epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, emotional mind-body connections, and spiritualism. In 2016, I became a certified life/leadership coach with the John Maxwell Team, an international organization dedicated to teaching, inspiring and enhancing life and leadership skills.

I created to blend my passions for science, health, well-being and leadership to create a more imaginative, free flowing directive.

I developed to create a whole mind-body-spirit philosophy which helps others find the way to greater happiness and well-being.

I started because of the earlier work my daughter and I jointly created tosupport ill teens in their healing process. Collaborating with organizations such as Children’s Memorial Hospital-Chicago, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Ronald McDonald Houses, and more, I have witnessed how inspiring creative passions can bring healing and hope to those in most need.

And finally....

I brought to life because we all need opportunities and encouragement to learn and to grow. If we are not growing, we are slowing. When our body, mind and spirit are cared for and in better balance, we are able to heal ourselves, maintain great health and to Live Life Passionately!

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