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Pam (aka PassionatelyPam) was one of the Founding Fifty of Entrepreneur on Fire. Her “fire” and passion for expanding the well-being of others is heartfelt. Pam dedicates her life’s work to helping others to understand the changing paradigm of wellness through her authored contributions on Huffington Post and other nationally recognized health and well-being websites. Her certification as a life-leadership coach along with her energetic, positive attitude and relentless desire for self growth will continue to inspire others toward purposeful change, optimal well-being and living life passionately!

John Lee Dumas
Founder & Host of Entrepreneur on Fire and Podcasters' Paradise


Pam was a guest on my show, TheEdTalks. From the first conversation I had with Pamela, her warmth and sincere desire to empower people to live a life of purpose and compassion made me feel as if we had been friends for years. Her scientific and holistic approach to well-being is a recipe for positively changing the lives of many!

Ed Donato
Founder and Host of podcast


I knew I loved Pam's style from the first writing assignment I gave her with Healing Lifestyles & Spas and the first thing I can comment on is this: she is PASSIONATE. She hones in on wellness as a yogi does to a yoga mat or a spa-goer does to a spa adventure, it's just where she best uses her writing talents, intuition, thoughtfulness and years of expertise in the healing field. Whether it be an article on a featured destination spa experience or on mindful living, Pam writes from the heart and adds to it her life experiences in the mix ...making her pieces ultra palatable and relatable and therefore attractive to our readers seeking a direct path to wellness.

Shanon Hoffman, Publisher for Healing Lifestyles & Spas


Pam has a clear mission to educate and inspire others to take control of their health through lifestyle, an understanding of the emotional mind-body connection and through practicing one’s life purpose. She has a fun and unique way of teaching about vibrant health and showing up as our best self regardless of gene history. Extreme self care through movement, eating, thinking, emotions, rest, generosity, service, cultivating joy, etc. is at the core of her message. She is well educated and her work is powerful and uplifting!

Diane Testa
Life Purpose | Sensible Marketing | Insightful Workshops


Pam is truly a passionate soul. When she first told me about her goals to inspire others with Passionately Pam I knew she was on the perfect path. Her gentle insight and ability to articulate the blend of wellness and life's aspirations will change your world. I recommend you relax, grab a cup of tea and soak in her writings, audio recordings, website and all she has to offer. Pam, thank you for making the world a place to thrive and for sharing your gifts.

Wendy Cohen
Consultant, Speaker, Coach, Recruiter, CEO & Rainmaker at PowerHouse Advisors


As the head of Illinois' coordinating authority for veteran resources it's incumbent upon me to understand the needs of veterans and military families and provide resources that improve and sustain their lives. We know from data and from the vets that alternative and complimentary treatment methods are effective for veterans suffering from mental health issues and the caregivers, spouses, and families, that live with them. Pam embraces the necessity of this important work and, also, the need for innovative and creative treatments that treat the whole mind and the whole person. For those of us who have served, this is truly cutting edge and refreshing. I think that years from now we will find that her methods will lead to healthier, more balanced, and longer lives for everyone.
Kenneth Barber
Head of Illinois Coordinating Authority for Veteran Resources

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