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We are all in different phases of life. We strive to create balance and stay healthy, but sometimes, things don’t quite work out as we desired nor planned.

I am here to help.

Through my understanding and knowledge of holistic Ayurveda, I can guide you to healthier eating choices/diet and lifestyle choices.

Through my experience in dance and movement, I can suggest ways to improve your movement, balance and coordination, which are all especially important as we age. Movement will not only help you physically, but frees your spirit as well.

Through my own life experiences, certified coaching education and wisdom, I can work closely with you to widen your lens—to help you get from “the glass is half empty” to “the glass is half full”. It’s all about changing your perspective on how you perceive your own life events. Your perspective (and your tag-along emotions) have a huge impact upon your health and well-being.

I can help to lead you to place of understanding, improved self confidence, positivity, peace, forgiveness, grace, happiness and calm.

I am not here to tell you what to do. Any actions will be your choice. But I can certainly help you to pave the way for a much deeper (spiritual) meaning of your life and broader perspective about the lessons you may need to learn from your experiences, particularly the negative and painful ones. I can help you to reframe your narrative to one that will enrich and guide your life and well-being.

It’s all about learning the lessons from all of your experiences. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t “get it right” at first. Sometimes we (me included) have to go through a few “trials” (different experiences but the same consequence) to become cognizant of what we are supposed to be learning. That’s okay. It’s a process. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

You are unique and special. You were born to do great things.

Are you ready to let go of lingering regret, pain, anger, judgment and sadness? Are you tired of harboring negative emotions which hold you down from being your best “you”?

Are you ready to move forward and discover your own inner strengths and unique greatness?

Are you ready to live life more passionately?

Take the first step…..

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I so look forward to hearing from you!….Together is beautiful!

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