Release Negative Emotions and Improve Your Health!

Songs, movies, stories and life experiences make us laugh, cry and everything in between. Why? Because they have a unique way of evoking emotion within us. While positive emotions (such as happiness, joy, love, serenity, pride, and gratitude) make us feel blissful and wonderful, bottled up negative emotions do the opposite. According to Ayurveda,the 5,000 year old holistic Hindu discipline of health and wellness, unreleased negative emotions also produce ama and set us up for DIS-ease and chronic illness.
So what actually happens when we hold negative emotions (such as frustration, fear, sadness, anger) within us and hesitate to express these feelings in productive ways? Quite simply, they build, mount and oftentimes become very overwhelming. If we allow these feelings to linger within us, we oftentimes build resentment and the feelings intensify. How does this cause disease? Well, our body responds in a fight or flight method to every negative emotion we feel. When we hold onto negative emotion for long periods, our biochemistry changes. Cortisol, the stress hormone, increases. This increase then negatively affects our blood pressure, metabolism, immunity, inflammation response and much more– NOT good 🙁 Plus accumulated negative emotions can cause sleep disturbances which throw our natural circadian and ultradian rhythms off kilter.
Instead of using medication ( a myriad of antidepressents) to suppress these feelings, its best for our body to actually EX-press them (process them) in a non hurtful way (to others). Can we scream and shout? Sure… sometimes our personal volcano erupts. We are human, and we all have an emotional saturation point/limit. But there are better, healthier ways to cope/deal with these feelings. Sometimes it can be as simple as “talking them out”. Just the act of expressing these bottled up feelings will bring great relief to our physical body as well as our emotional self.
Remember, all emotions you feel create a biochemical response in your body which can either enhance your health or harm your health. Negative emotions which are NOT expressed in a safe way will only BUILD upon themselves within you. They will create a chemical response which will cause your body ailments such as headaches, stomach aches, ulcers,  heartburn, tight muscles, backaches,  fibromyalgia and other immunity diseases and MORE!
There are wonderful ways to express pain, frustration, anger and other negative emotions in a safe, unmedicated way. Check out the Chopra Center programs for some of their holistic solutions. You deserve to heal. You deserve to express your best self!


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