Divorce, Single Dads and Making It All Healthier!


Divorce takes its toll on everyone: moms, dads and kids (especially). Emotions tend to fly high and kids, particularly, feel uncertainty and lack of control. Divorcing parents are caught in the bubble of emotions of hurt, anger, confusion, fear and sometimes despair.
Divorce can certainly create emotional stress for everyone. Staying healthy during this time is vitally important. It is a (usually) turbulent time in which people need to eat nutritiously, get plenty of rest, exercise and practice activities which keep them in balance (ie. yoga, meditation, quiet time, emotional support from family/friends). Practicing understanding and patience is key. And repeating to yourself “This too shall pass” mantra may help get you through some of the seemingly unbearable moments. 
Because divorce can evoke great stress, it places our health in jeopardy. Many people become ill during or shortly after their divorce primarily due to the additional stress they feel during this time. Their immunity suffers. The entire divorce process can ZAP you of your positive energy and physical strength.And afterwards, as the “new family” adjusts to the “new divorce situation”, it becomes a new ballgame and a new learning process for everyone.
Moms, dads and kids have to begin to adapt to a new “family” paradigm and slowly accept the 
change. Change can be challenging. No question about that. But with every challenge there inherently is an important lesson.
Single dads have their own adjustments to make…from taking full care of their kids (in a co-parenting arrangement) to taking care of themselves! Give single dads a break…they are learning just like MOMs…they will need time and patience. And it doesnt have to be PERFECTLY done like Mom would do…kids survive…most important is that they know they have a dad they can count on, who really loves them. They dont really mind that mac n cheese dinner or not getting somewhere they need to be exactly on time. Its okay. And hey, they revel in those late nights (no “lights out” rules) with dad…they will survive.
So the next time, Mom, you come down hard on your ex, remember, that Dad is learning too. Its a learning curve, which requires time, patience and persistence. Heck, that sums up most every learning experience in life, right  😉  ?






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