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Awww….those dreaded butterflies in your stomach, sour stomach, stomach ache. OUCH! Sometimes that awful feeling doesn’t even require food…your stomach may just ache in anticipation of an upcoming event or a stressful situation you are experiencing. While many doctors will suggest taking an anti gas or calcium carbonate medication, oftentimes, that solution may resolve your immediate symptoms, but actually make matters worse in the long run. Even long term use of laxatives will eventually cause your body function improperly.
Your stomach, intestines and colon are the major gateways for your food sources to be turned into energy…energy that feeds your entire body! When food is not well digested, it becomes trapped in your colon and can cause a myriad of chronic health conditions and may eventually lead to cysts or tumors. That is why keeping your bowels moving and your colon clean is very important to your overall health. There are so many health benefits to keeping your colon clean!
So I give a warm welcome to co-contributor, Lori Hirshman, who knows so much about the colon and keeping it clean. Here is her great analogy on using colon hydrotherapy (CHT) to “clean your gut”.
Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy (by Lori Hirshman):
Colon Hydrotherapy can be a beneficial way to keep the body in “check”. For example …. we can drive a $500.00 car or a $500,000.00 car and after so many miles we ALWAYS get our oil checked; For those people who really don’t experience problems with their bowels, colon hydrotherapy is just that… an “oil change”… for majority of people in USA (85%) who have some type of gastro- challenge, colon hydrotherapy (CHT) can provide helpful for relief of countless symptoms.
Symptoms are the body’s way of speaking to us..letting us know that something is not quite right. For example, when you have a (symptom of a)  stomach ache,  it can take hours or sometimes days for that “symptom” to appear. Actually, that stomach ache may have started days before and was festering until your body’s sensory system “noticed” the pain and made you aware of it.
The basis of CHT is to TONE and to HYDRATE the colon, which is really just a muscle/vehicle to remove waste. Perhaps its easier to think about it this way: Consider your colon to be similar to a crockpot full of food waiting to be eaten. The longer you keep that food in the crock pot simmering, at a certain point it will be overcooked and then begin rotting. Your colon is similar to that crock pot; if you do not have a bowel movement and expel the waste, it just remains there in your colon rotting away. Oftentimes, even after we move our bowels to eliminate the waste, there is still some undigested food left in the nooks and crannies of our five foot, three inch diameter colon!    Here is a short video to help you understand more about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy (ie. colonics):
More about guest contributor, Lori Hirshman:

Lori Hirshman is dedicated full-time to helping people achieve their personal health goals.  After many years working in corporate America, Lori found her passion working in Alternative Medicine, as a Colon Hydrotherapist. She earned her I-ACT Certification over 10 years ago at Healing Quest in Chicago, Illinois. Through Continuing Education (CE) classes, health seminars, research, independent study groups, and detox programs throughout the country, Lori keeps on the forefront of living and eating healthy, while incorporating  Spirit, Mind and Body! Visit her on her website:

For more info about caring for your colon, be sure to view Lori’s colon reference center.


  1. Phil on December 30, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Nice to the point article. I also believe most people would be better off drinking more water. Of course a lot goes into keeping our colon clean and preventative lifestyle helps.

    • pam on February 12, 2015 at 8:21 am

      Yes, Phil, you are absolutely correct. The wellness paradigm includes not only our diet (healthy nutrition, water) and exercise, but the LIFESTYLE we live!

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